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Aircraft MaintenanceModern maintenance enables the aircraft to remain at the highest possible levels of reliability, performance and safety, and the various studies and techniques used improve efficiency levels of technical intervention and maintenance.

Two functional models are used in a coordinated manner: preventive maintenance according to a set schedule, and requirement-based maintenance. This way, every part of every Alitalia aircraft is regularly and thoroughly checked according to a maintenance cycle that takes place on a regular, progressive basis.

Testing procedures are repetitive, complex and meticulous, and are carried out using special test beds that allow our technicians to find the tiniest degree of wear or breakdown. The operations vary according to the type of aircraft, and are labelled A, B, C or D. Each letter represents a different testing phase, for which the engineer must check-off, sign and hand in a detailed checklist.

Under normal conditions, an aircraft is inspected after every flight and subsequently after every 500 flying hours (level A), after every 1,500 flying hours (level B), and after every 15/18 months (level C). Level D is assigned when a plane has been flying for several years and is sent for a complete overhaul. This takes over a month and every part of the aircraft is checked and replaced if necessary.

No part escapes the testing process. The wings, fuselage and tail plane are stripped of paint using special products in carefully controlled environmental conditions. The same is done to all equipment and systems on board, including pumps, valves, regulators, radios and other instrumentation.

Set tests are carried out before every takeoff and after every landing, and other repairs are made as needed to make sure the aircraft is fully prepared for its next flight. Then, and only then, do we take care of on-board fittings: seats, toilets and audio-visual systems.

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