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– Serving points of interest in Suvarnabhumi Airport by 2 routes (Ordinary and Express).

– Providing Free of Charge services for passengers and staffs in Airport.

– Low-floor typed Bus powered by NGV.

Suvarnabhumi Airport Shuttle Bus
Bangkok Airport Shuttle Bus

Shuttle Bus :Ordinary Route

Ordinary Routeserving mainly airport staffs with 14 bus stops :

1. Bus Terminal

2. Car Rental Center

3. Long Term Parking


5. TG’s GSE services

6.TG Operation Center

7. TG Technical Department

8. Concourse A (Landside Curb)

9. Concourse D East Landside Curb

10. Concourse D West Landside Curb

11. Concourse G (Landside Curb)

12. Free Zone Pedestrian Entrance (East)

13. D-CAP, TG Catering

14. Fire and Rescue DepartmentFinish at Bus Terminal

Airport Shuttle Bus Route
Bangkok Airport Shuttle Bus Route

Shuttle Bus : Express Route

Serving Passengers traveling between Public Transportation Center and Passenger Terminal with 3 stops as follow :

1. Bus Terminal, 2. Car Rental Center, 3. Passenger Terminal

End of route at Bus Terminal

Shuttle Bus Express Route 1

Shuttle Bus Express Route 2

Shuttle Bus Express Route 3

Shuttle Bus Express Route 4

Shuttle Bus Express Route 5

Public Transport Services at Suvarnabhumi Airport

1. Ground level / 1st floor Main Terminal Building (MTB).

Air Crew Coach at Level 1

2. Arrival 2nd floor Main Terminal Buildin (MTB).

Private Vehicles Parking

3. Departure 4th floor Main Terminal Buildin (MTB).

Suvarnabhumi Air Crew Coach at Level 4

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