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Suvarnabhumi » THAI Air downgrades security vigilance for domestic & international flights

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

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Thai Airways InternationalThai Airways International (THAI), the country’s national flag carrier, has reduced its tight security measures imposed on passengers of both domestic and international flights, effective from August 16.

Newly-appointed THAI President Flying Officer Apinan Sumanaseni told TNA on Wednesday that passengers of all domestic flights and those of internatinal flights are now allowed to bring their bags and carry-on luggage onto planes–based on the airline’s normal rules.

However, the airline’s ban on liquid items of all types, lighters and matches onto planes remains intact, except sealed-liquid items bought from airports’ authorized duty-free shops with formal receipts and medicines in liquid form essential for any passenger on the flights, with a passenger permitting to bring with them unlimited amount of liquid medicines prescribed by doctors but a limited amount of no more than 4 oz a bottle for unprescribed ones.

Baby milk and liquid baby food are also now permitted on board the planes, but must be tasted by the accompanying passenger in the presence of security officers.

Passengers are allowed as well to carry their electronic and electrical equipment–in good order–and switched-off mobile phones on board the planes.

The relaxed rules also apply to passengers on the Bangkok-the United Kingdom, Bangkok-the United States, Bangkok-Australia, Bangkok-the Philippines, Bangkok-Indonesia and Bangkok-Sri Lanka routes, where security surveilance was raised to the highest level over the past week.

The THAI’s move followed announcements by the UK and US governments earlier this week to downgrad their terror threat level from critical to severe, or from the red to orange colour, saying intelligence suggested that there is no renewed imminent attack.

Police in London last Thursday (August 10) thwarted a major terrorist plot to blow up aircraft flying from the UK to the United States in mid-flight.

Twenty-four people have been arrested so far in connection with the foiled plot–reportedly targeted aircraft from London, Glasgow and Manchester to the US.

The THAI president said, however, that passengers on the Bangkok-UK route are permitted to carry only a single bag onto planes.

“The size of their bags should not be larger than 45 x 35 x 16 centimetres if the passengers only make a stop-over at a UK airport before flying to other destinations,” he noted.

“Passengers who want to fly from the UK to the US are still barred from carrying any bag or luggage onto the planes, except their purses or wallets with necessary documents,” he added.

Those flying from Bangkok to the US are also required to report their belongings in luggage to the airline’s ground staff who are authorized to request a thorough inspection in suspected cases or ban specific items as part of its precautious measures, according toTHAI President Flying Officer, Apinan.

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