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Suvarnabhumi » Bangkok Airways starts at Suvarnabhumi Airport on September 21, 2006

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

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Bangkok Airways will begin transferring some flights from Bangkok International Airport (Don Muang) to Suvarnabhumi on September 21 to 27.

The first flights to switch to the new airport include Sukhothai, Chiang Mai and Samui on the domestic side, and China’s Xixuangbanna and Shenzhen on the international.

Though it does not fully open until September 28, Thai Airways International and low cost airline Jetstar are already operating flights from Suvarnabhumi Airport as part of a soft opening for the new hub. Bangkok Airways will join them on Thursday.

“We start our service a week before Suvarnabhumi Airport kicks off its full operation in order to give our staff time to familiarize themselves with the new equipment and systems,” said ML Nandhika Varavarn, corporate communications vice president of Bangkok Airways.

Airlines are expected to transfer all international and domestic flights from Don Muang to Suvarnabhumi by September 28, but by then over 800 Bangkok Airways employees, including ground and cargo service staff, will already be working at the new airport.

Nandhika added that half of the seats on Thursday have already been booked, “because many people would like to be a part of these historic flights.” (TNA)

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