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Courts dismisses cases concerning Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Airport Thailand

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

The Supreme Administrative Court on Wednesday ruled that Airports of Thailand (AoT) should continue to be responsible for solving the problem of noise pollution of residential areas around Suvarnabhumi airport, as set out in a cabinet resolution of May 29, 2007.

The  court dismissed the petition submitted by a number of people living near the airport, who said the cabinet resolution was unfair to them. In its judgement, the court upheld the cabinet resolution, saying it was  legitimate, and said  the  Airports of Thailand (AoT), which operates the Bangkok airport, had actually taken measures to solve the noise problem, in line with the cabinet resolution.

Airports of Thailand spends Bt9.5 million on lands and buildings affected by airport noise

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

Chairman of the committee on noise pollution of the Suvarnabhumi Airport, Somchai Sawasdipol, says the Airports of Thailand (AOT) signed a contract to buy and transfer the title deeds of lands and buildings in areas affected by Noise Exposure Forecast (NEF) higher than 40 excreted from the Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Thirteen buildings and Eleven owners of the title deeds signed the contract with Airports of Thailand with more than 9.5 million baht compensated to near-by residents. However, there are 12 more buildings located in areas with NEF exceeding 40 and they are qualified to receive financial assistance from Airports of Thailand.

Airports of Thailand told to buy land and buildings within 10km around airport

Friday, October 26th, 2007

Airports of Thailand (AOT) has been told to acquire land and structures within a 10-kilometre radius of Suvarnabhumi airport, to solve all problems with residential communities nearby. The acquired land would be developed commercially to raise money that would reimburse all acquisition expenses, Deputy Transport Minister Sansern Wongcha-um said.

He had already informed Airports of Thailand president-designate AM Chana U.Sathaporn of the policy.

“The policy has existed since the time I took office. I have repeatedly told Airports of Thailand executives the problem needs a long-term solution. That is, the land must be acquired and then developed to generate income to reimburse (the land acquisition cost). Many private parties are interested in the possibility,” he said.

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