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Suvarnabhumi » Councillor to help residents near Suvarnabhumi with more appropriate land prices

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

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The City Council will be asked to issue a royal decree to regulate the price of land expropriated near Suvarnabhumi airport.

A survey found many residents suffering from aircraft noise were demanding high compensation for having to move out of Suvarnabhumi areas.

Peerakorn Veerakulsunthorn, a Democrat from Chom Thong district who sits on the council panel coordinating problem-solving at the airport, said about 1,200 families were affected and faced expropriation of their land near the new Bangkok Airport.

Most of them wanted high compensation. They were demanding as much as 12,000 baht a square metre for their land.

His panel would propose that the council issue a royal decree to set the price for land expropriation.

This would provide justice for both affected residents and those who had to pay the compensation.

The panel would later call a meeting with representatives of the various agencies, including the Airports of Thailand (AOT) and the Pollution Control Department, to discuss aircraft noise and land expropriation.

Thakoengsak Phetsuwan, of the Pollution Control Department, said that since the department set up noise-measuring stations at 13 locations around the airport in September, complaints about aircraft noise had flooded in.

Many villages were found to be suffering from aircraft noise.

He said residents who were severely affected would receive compensation from AOT, as earlier resolved by the cabinet.

AOT would buy their property or improve the existing houses to make them noise-proof, he said.

A decree would need royal endorsement to have legal effect.

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