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Suvarnabhumi » Some parking bays will close for repair

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

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Three of Suvarnabhumi airport‘s aircraft parking bays and a taxiway had to be closed for repair as they became uneven due to cracked tarmac. The cracks are superficial and can be repaired simply by tarmac replacement.
Airport general manager Somchai Sawasdeepon said yesterday that the temporary closure since Saturday was necessary at the E2, 4 and 6 parking bays and the T13 taxiway due to their uneven surface. Tarmac in those areas would be replaced before they were put back in normal service this Saturday, he said.

Airport staff are investigating to find the real cause. Mr Somchai assumed that the seams between the taxiway tarmac and the adjacent parking bays may have cracked and let rainwater seep in. This may have resulted from heavy downpours, or the partial removal of flood dykes at the airport may have allowed water from a nearby canal to seep into the tarmac, Mr Somchai said.

Officials are checking other areas for similar defects. The repair work is the responsibility of ITO Joint Venture, the airport contractor whose two-year warranty is still in effect, he added.
The areas with uneven surface usually bear the weight of aircraft landing gear. When pressured, the soaked tarmac pushed up against the adjacent surface, resulting in unevenness. The temporary closure of the three parking bays does not affect the airport’s service.

Small cracks have appeared for a length of about 100m along the T13 taxiway leading to the E2, 4 and 6 parking bays. Recent downpours may have caused water to seep through the taxiway tarmac that is 33cm thick. The 72cm-thick concrete layer underneath remains intact, however.

However, The cracks are superficial and can be repaired simply by tarmac replacement.  (Bkk Post)

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