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Suvarnabhumi » CTX baggage scanners at Suvarnabhumi fully functional this week

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

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Five malfunctioning CTX baggage scanners at Suvarnabhumi Airport will be up and running again this week after experiencing some technical glitches last week, according to the airport director.

There has been no report that passenger baggage was delayed, misplaced or left behind at the new Bangkok airport after the scanners broke down Wednesday night. Over 100 military personnel were called in to help carry baggage.

Suvarnabhumi airport director Serirat Prasutanond said Saturday that key spare parts of the machines will be delivered to Thailand next Tuesday, June 26, 2007. At least five scanners, now temporarily out of order, will be fixed to function normally by the end of next week.

Now sixteen of 26 CTX scanners remain in use at the new Bangkok airport. The airport director explained that the problem resulted from the expired x-ray tube in the machines.

However, GE Invisions Inc., the American company which supplied all 26 computer tomography X-ray (CTX) machines installed at Thailand’s new airport, had provided no spare parts to replace them as the last installment the Airports Of Thailand owed the company has not yet been paid.

GE Invisions Inc. later agreed to fix and provide the spare parts as the problems occurred within the two-year warranty period. The machines have been in use since February 2006.

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