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Suvarnabhumi » Improving drainage systems around Suvarnabhumi Airport

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

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Thailand’s Royal Irrigation Department (RID) will dredge 17 canals to increase the efficiency of drainage systems around Suvarnabhumi Airport, announcing its confidence that the showcase airport won’t be affected by floods this year.

Chairing a meeting on the drainage system around Suvarnabhumi Airport, Royal Irrigation Department director-general Samart Chokkanapitak said the meeting resulted from the Prime Minister’s assignment.

Royal Irrigation Department director confidents that there will not be high water problems at or around the new international airport, which is quite important to the economy, and that waterflow and drainage conditions will be closely monitored.

A budget of 80 million Baht will be used to improve the drainage system around the airport and the Armed Forces Development Command will provide support personnel and equipment to carry out the actual dredging of the canals.

The project is not entirely ready as the target of being able to pump out water at the rate of 100 cubic metres per second isn’t possible this year. The overall project will be completed in 2008, but for the present, about 20-30 cubic metres of water can be expelled from the system.

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